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6 Healthy Alcoholic Drinks That You Can Drink!

The thought of drinking alcohol immediately brings to mind images of drunkards sprawled out on the streets, patrons stretched out in bars, people getting high and spoiling a good party, and drunks indulging in dangerous driving. This kind of excessive drinking and its aftermath is very bit extreme without a doubt. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. A little alcohol in measured amounts at the right time is good for your health. Surprised? It’s true!

A Little Amount is Good

Drinking alcohol in moderation brings you several health benefits like reducing the risk of you developing and dying of heart disease, opening up the arteries to your brain thereby reducing the risk of ischemic strokes, and reducing your risk of developing diabetes. Binge drinking is an absolute health hazard but having healthy alcoholic drinks like red wine, tequila, rum, rose wine, champagne, and whiskey in moderation will do you a world of good.

  1. Red Wine – It contains antioxidants like catechin, resveratrol, epicatechin, and proanthocyanidins which reduce the oxidative damage in your body. They prevent cancer, heart disease, inflammation, blood clotting, and increase your lifespan.
  2. Tequila – It helps in digestion, controls blood sugar, encourages weight loss, helps you sleep, is a probiotic, numbs pain, and is even good for bones. So take a few shots in the night and see the positives accrue.
  3. Rum – Drinking rum is a good idea because it keeps scurvy at bay, contains very little carbohydrates or fats, restricts the formation of artery blockage, acts as a blood thinner, increases the HDL [good] cholesterol in your body, reduces the chances of heart attacks, and decreases muscle pain. Here’s the killer benefit: it even increases the average lifespan of a person by 2-5 years!
  4. Rose Wine – This drink is ideal if you want to spend a relaxing evening with your family or friends after a long day at work. It contains polyphenols that prevent atherosclerosis, which is a major factor leading to heart disease. It increases weight loss, helps in digestion, removes toxins, and also prevents urinary tract infections.
  5. Champagne – It improves your heart health, keeps you mentally sharp, has very few calories, makes your mood positive, lowers your risk of diabetes, and can even prevent dementia. Here is the best part: It increases your sex drive!
  6. Whiskey – It helps in fighting cancer, lowers the risk of dementia, lowers the risk of you suffering from heart disease, has no fat, carbs, or sugar, and is the perfect antidote for your cold. Back in the 1920s in America whiskey was stocked in pharmacies as a medicine and not as liquor! It was considered to be a tonic!

Time to Get Drunk!

So having an alcoholic drink and getting a bit tipsy is good for you. It relaxes you, makes you feel warm and fuzzy, and spruces up your life. Take these alcohol drinks in measured quantities and have a good time. Letting yourself go will take you a long way!

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