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If you can’t see your toes when looking down while standing take it as a wake-up call! It’s a clear sign that your body weight is much more than what it should ideally be and this calls for some remedial steps. It means you have to burn your excess fat. One great way is by including metabolism-boosting foods in your diet that will simply burn your fat even as you go about the day doing the important things in your life.

What is Metabolism?

All the chemical reactions occurring in your body can collectively be called Metabolism. These complex chemical reactions together keep your body alive, functioning, and healthy. The number of calories you burn is called your “Metabolic Rate” and the higher it is the more you lose weight and keep it that away. So it is essential that you keep a high metabolic rate because it will give you energy and also keep your spirits high. 6 metabolism-boosting foods that are mortal enemies of excess fat are apples, cucumber, tomatoes, broccoli, oats, and ginger.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

The age-old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has never been truer. Apples contain high amounts of “Pectin” which bind with water and limit the quantity of fat that your body cells can absorb. They also reduce cholesterol in your body reducing the thickening around your waist. Cucumber has natural diuretic effects as it contains vitamins A and C and potassium which increase your metabolism and flush out the toxins accumulating in your body. Tomatoes are your allies in decreasing your weight as they are loaded with antioxidants especially “Lycopene,” which increases your metabolism. Broccoli contains high amounts of water and fiber which increase your body’s capacity to burn your fat and it also gives a feeling of fulfillment. Make sure that you cook broccoli before eating to preserve its maximum nutritional value. Oats should be a part of your diet as they are rich in fiber which burns the fat in your body and makes you eager to step on a weighing machine. Ginger contains compounds like “shogaols” and “gingerols” that stimulate biological activities in your body. They produce an anti-obesity effect and also stabilize your blood sugar levels. When you keep your sugar levels stable you are in effect aiding in weight loss.

Be Guilt-Free!

So you don’t have to stop eating your favorite dishes as long you take-in a healthy amount of these metabolism-boosting foods as part of your daily diet. So the next time you step on a weighing machine don’t be surprised if it brings a smile to your face!

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