Will Cannabis Consumption lead to Weight Loss?

Cannabis is now legal in Canada and celebrations commenced overnight with parties ringing in legalization and “wake ‘n’ bake” breakfast events kicking off the day on a high note. With this new development, the real question that has been bothering me for days is if Cannabis helped with Weight Loss.

I have read numerous articles and blogs, where some say it helps and then there are some that are exactly the opposite.

It definitely sounds too good to be true, so I decided to do up some research.

Apparently, there are several types of Marijuana options available for purchase. One lesser-known kind of marijuana can help you lose weight and stay slim. I am quote serious about this and no, I am not smoking anything marijuana as I write this. You may say, Marijuana is known to stimulate appetite, commonly referred to as “getting the munchies”, which encourages are bodies to crave for unhealthy carbohydrates like fried chips and sugar laced biscuits. There are several such misconceptions about Marijuana which I am sure will be written more on in the days to come.

Cannabis consumption won’t cause you to frequently overeat. Its exactly the opposite. Science is now revealing that it can help you shed unwanted flab without workout or diet.

Get Rid of Stress.

Did you know that losing weight is next to impossible if you are stressed? Stress can be caused by your work environment, your financial or health situation or hundred other things. Who isn’t stressed these days? The lives we live in today’s world subject us to stress at every nook and corner. The olden days were different and people lead a relatively stress free life. Stress can make us gain weight. If you are trying to lose weight or hit the gym, it can also interfere in those efforts. Ever heard of Cortisol? It’s a stress hormone, that is causing all this.

The human body produces Cortisol when it sees danger, also known as a response mechanism. When this kicks in, your body gets flooded with Cortisol, which triggers a rise in blood pressure. The increases the flow of oxygen to your brain and muscles, which sort of puts you in a hyper state for reaction to any real or imaginary threat. This happens way to often and you don’t even realize it. Due to this high frequency, your body goes into survival mode and starts storing fat and reduces metabolism, which reduces calorie burn. So bottom-line, Cortisol and body fat go hand in hand. It is responsible for hoarding fat in your body due to stress. Now, you probably think, I am writing this article on Cannabis and weight loss, but why did I start writing about Cortisol? There is a direct connection, that’s why.

You can reduce Cortisol production in your body by using Marijuana. It makes you relax as opposed to being stressed. If you are relaxed, there is no production of cortisol, and that’s when your waistline can start shrinking.

However, there’s a catch: For many people, cannabis can actually induce stress, temporary paranoia and/or even panic attacks. This happens due to the chemical present in cannabis known as THC. THC is what giving you that ‘stoned’ feeling. Recreational Marijuana comes with different levels of THC. Everyone thinks, more or stronger is better but that is not always true. CBD i.e. cannabidiol rich strains come to the rescue here. These have become popular recently and CBD-rich strains of Marijuana can chill you out without getting you high or stoned. CBD significantly reduced stress induced by THC in Marijuana. This is the key to weight loss. THC can increase Cortisol levels without inducing anxiety. CBD does exactly the opposite and lowers your cortisol levels, thereby making you lose weight and keep it off.

As proof of CBD’s fat-fighting powers, it has even been shown to reduce obesity in animal studies. Also, laboratory rodents that were administered CBD while on a calorie-restricted diet lost more weight than their counterparts in a control group.

Where do you buy Pot with CBD?

Strains of pot that are high in CBD but very low in THC are a relatively new and have found a new market. They are popular with stressed out adults who don’t want to get stoned but just feel relaxed.

If you’re someone who could benefit from this too, even if it’s just to slim down, simply head to a local store that sells marijuana or if you live in Ontario, Canada, order it online.

There are various ways to ingest Marijuana and smoking is by far the most calming and relaxing method, with near immediate effects.

Having said that, I am going to try a Cannabis Smoothie next weekend once my order arrives from the Cannabis Online Store.  Be sure to check back here for my review on the Cannabis Smoothie.


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