I’m Vedant Rajput and I used to be fat. For most of my adult life, I was obese.

While I’ve always been strong mentally (I’m a member of Mensa and went to the University of Minnesota) and socially (I have a beautiful wife and son and wonderful relationships with many friends), I’ve always struggled physically.

Left is me in Portofino, Italy few years ago and the right side is me today.


To put it bluntly: I was a slave.

I was a slave to food and booze.

You see, I’ve always been a travel buff. My “bucket list” goal is to travel to 100 different countries.

And because I’ve travelled quite a bit, I get access to airport lounges all around the world.

This is a great perk because I could arrive 2 or 3 hours before my flight and sit down with a wide array of snacks, meals and of course, a full open bar at my disposal.

Flight 1 is enroute Johannesburg, South Africa.  Flight 2 is enroute Miami, Florida.

When I would be onboard an aircraft, flying in business class, I had my selection of fine foods, liquers and other rich foods.

And of course, staying in hotels allowed me to order in room service and dine in restaurants every day.

My work schedule was also taking its toll.

Staying up late in front of my laptop, bag of potato chips and a few beers just an arm’s reach away.

Cayman Islands with my son.

It wasn’t until one day when I was in the Cayman Islands. I saw a photo of myself and realized what all of this was doing to me.

I was 272 lbs! On the verge of 300 lbs! I’m not a tall guy so this really showed on my face, on my belly, in my hands and wrists.

I was disgusted at my appearance.

So, I decided to join a gym.

I would workout every day and even when I travelled I would make sure to hit the fitness center.

And guess what happened after just six months of solid exercising?


That’s right. After six months of a major lifestyle change, I was still obese.

Sure, I wasn’t 272. But my belly was still protruding over my pants and I would be sweating from just climbing a few stairs.

And my appearance didn’t really change.

Left is me in South Africa and right is my picture taken in the Dominican Republic.

Sure my wife would say things like “Looking good, Vedant!” or “Wow, you are looking slim!” I knew it was just false encouragement.

So, after staring at myself in the mirror and looking at all the pictures of me, I knew I had to make the most drastic sacrifice.

I went from my bedroom to my downstairs bar and took out all of the alcohol and put them into boxes. I moved them into my garage. I took all the bottles of beer from my fridge, opened them and poured them in the sink.

I went through the pantry and removed all of the processed, deep fried, high sodium junk food and put it on the counter and left a note for my wife to throw it away or give it to the neighbours.

I then wrote down a plan.

The goal was to lose 100 lbs in a year.

The plan involved two important factors.

One was my exercise regimen and two was my meal plan.

The first part was easy as I was already hitting the gym regularly.

The second part was hard. I had to create a specific plan that was going to give me the proper nutrition, cut my cravings and allow me to travel and work without falling back into the trap of eating junk food and drinking alcohol.

As I write this, it’s been just over eight months.

I’ve lost 87 lbs and now, instead of avoiding a camera, I’m addicted to taking selfies.

Instead of being sweaty all day because of the extra weight I’m carrying around, I’m sitting cool in my office.

I have only 13 lbs to go and yes, I know that these are going to be the hardest to shed.

But I know that continuing on this exercise regime and this meal plan are going to lead me to the better me I want to be.

And once I’ve lost my 100 lbs, I’m going to give myself six more months to A) keep it off and B) tone up my muscles.

In this book, I have listed a few strategies to help you slim down. I use these day in and out. Implementing these in your day to day life could help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you’re fed up of looking in the mirror and seeing a fat person looking back at you, this book is definitely for you. Download your free copy by clicking on the blue button below. 

In Heath,