7 Breakfast Foods You Must Surely Avoid

You would be surprised at the number of unhealthy foods you may be putting on your breakfast table every morning for your family and yourself. Foods that you were convinced were nutritious and beneficial for consumption. You need to completely rethink your breakfast food plans and avoid the harmful ones no matter how much you like them and how good they taste.

Stay Away from Them

Some of these harmful breakfast foods you should keep away from are toast with margarine, pancakes, fruit juice, toaster pastries, flavored yogurt, granola bars, and processed gluten-free foods. They look very appetizing and are tasty but in the end, they are harmful to you.

  1. Toast with Margarine – Margarine is processed food and often used as a replacement for butter and looks and tastes like it. It is made from vegetable oils whose chemical structure is changed to make them wholesome and solid like butter. This process is called “hydrogenation” but unhealthy Trans fats are formed as a harmful side effect which increases the risk of chronic disease.
  2. Pancakes – They contain a high amount of refined flour which increases insulin resistance and obesity. People top up their pancakes with syrup which contains significant amounts of high-fructose corn syrup which causes inflammation.
  3. Fruit Juice – It contains extra calories and concentrated sugar that leads to obesity and unrequired weight gain. Excessive weight gain in turn produces ailments like hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, and strokes apart from other problems in old age.
  4. Toaster Pastries – Their crust is made from flour, sugar, and fat, and to top it all the filling is all sugar. That much sugar is harmful to you and there are no actual fruits in toaster pastries.
  5. Flavored Yogurt – Its sugar content is too high and when you garnish it with high-calorie items like honey, nuts, cereals, or fruits it is harmful to your health. Hence avoid it.
  6. Granola Bars – Most granola bars are loaded with added sugar, artificial ingredients, and excess calories which open the door for unwanted obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. Some even contain sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners which is further bad news.
  7. Processed gluten-free foods – They do not contain essential nutrients like calcium, iron, folate, fiber, riboflavin, thiamin, and niacin which are bad for your body and may lead to chronic deficiency of them.

Begin Operation Clean-up Today!

Begin your new day with your right foot forward. Avoid these harmful breakfast foods and eat the right foods with zero worries. Starting your day with the right foods will give you the energy and zest to face all your challenges with confidence!


9 Fruits That Are Low In Sugar

Sugar makes things sweet but too much sugar in your body will make it bitter for you. It is hard to resist sweets and sugary foods when you are tempted by them regularly but saying no to them means saying a big yes to your good health.

You would think that fruits are healthy and good for you but they have natural sugars in them which are a problem for people who have high blood sugar or suffer from diabetes. Luckily there are fruits like olives, avocados, star fruit, berries, Asians pears, Casaba melons, coconuts, cucumber, and eggplants which are low in sugar and can be eaten without any worries.

Why Excess Sugar in Fruits is Harmful?

There is plenty of scientific evidence to prove that excessive sugar is harmful to your health. Fruits contain fructose which in excessive amounts is very harmful to your health. It has negative metabolic effects on your body when consumed in large amounts. So even though you have heard everybody say that fruits are good for health you must avoid eating the fruits which contain large quantities of fructose.

When the fructose in fruits hits your liver fast, hard and in large amounts, it can have adverse effects over time. If you are suffering from diabetes you must stay away from fruits and food that contain high amounts of sugar. Luckily there are plenty of foods that have relatively low sugar content and have the least impact on your blood sugar levels. So you can consume fruits like olives, avocados, star fruit, berries, Asian pears, Casaba melons, coconuts, cucumber, and eggplants which have relatively low fructose content and are safe to eat.


As with everything in life, these fruits when eaten in moderation are very beneficial for you so make sure that they are a measured part of your daily diet. These fruits contain lots of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants that have many benefits for you like reduction in cholesterol levels, slower absorption of carbs, reduction in body weight, lower risk of diabetes, lower risk of heart attacks and strokes, and lower blood pressure.

Studies have shown that people who eat these fruits which are low in sugar have a greater ability to resist junk food which is harmful to your health. Eating fruits also make your skin healthy and glow with the pinkness of good health. Eating these fruits also make you feel full.

The Sweetest Thing!

Consuming excess sugar has become a big problem all over the world today with people suffering from its multiple ill effects. You should not indulge your sweet tooth without careful thought anymore. Nothing is sweeter than having and maintaining your fitness and good health!