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Brain Foods For Boosting Brain Power

The human brain is simply the most complex and least-understood part of our body and is the very command center of our central nervous system. It never stops working all our life from before we are born till the moment we die. If we are the unchallenged masters of planet earth it is because our brain is superior to every other brain found on earth.

Why Brains Matter?

This is why we must take exceptionally good care of our brains by eating the right foods and using it to do the right things. The human brain controls every part of our body and enables all the body functions to happen properly so that we are always in a healthy and fit condition all our lives. Some foods that help us in doing this are avocado, dark chocolate, hemp seeds, cacao powder, kale, and flax seeds. These foods help us in keeping our brain in peak working condition at all times.

Some of the benefits that accrue from eating these brain foods are –

Avocado – It contains large quantities of monounsaturated fatty acids that protect glial cells in our brain called astrocytes which give support to our information-carrying nerves. Avocados are also helpful in controlling neurological disorders like epilepsy because of their neuroprotective abilities.

Dark Chocolate – Research has shown that consuming a reasonable amount of dark chocolate improves your brain function. It helps improve cognitive function in elderly people who suffer from mental impairment and also improves verbal fluency. Cocoa improves blood flow to the brain and contains stimulants like caffeine and Theo-bromine which improves your brain function in the short term.

Hemp Seeds – They help in focusing the brain, keeping and maintaining a balanced mood, and a pain-free body. They contain gamma-linoleic acid [GLA] that reduces depression, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmune disorders in our body.

Cacao Powder – Cacao is derived from the dried and fully fermented fatty cacao seed. It contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, and copper which are required by the brain to function optimally. They positively influence memory capability, nerve cell conduction, thinking ability and concentration, brain development, and bringing oxygen to your brain.

Kale – It contains generous amounts of protein, folate, iron, and vitamin B6 which make brain molecules such as dopamine and serotonin that are essential for healthy brain function.

Flax Seeds – They improve brain function and contain omega 3 which is ideal for vegans and vegetarians. They also help you stay alert and think clearly especially when your work needs you to concentrate for long periods.

Facing the Future

So take care of your brain by consuming these brain foods and your brain will take care of everything else. As we move towards an increasingly knowledge-based society we must focus on taking optimum care of our brain. This is surely a no-brainer!

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