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Vegan Foods Are The New Choice Of Conscientious People

Despite what you may have heard vegan food is not just for the uber-rich. It is really for the enlightened and evolved individual and you don’t have to spend a ton of money or look high and low for obtaining healthy vegan food. You can find relatively low-priced high-quality vegan foods near where you live quite easily.

What is “Vegan” Food?

Vegan food is pure vegetarian food that does not include meat and even dairy, eggs, or any other food of animal origin. Individuals who consume only vegan food are called vegans. The term “vegan” was coined in 1944 in England by a small group of vegetarians who formed a splinter group by breaking away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society and became the Vegan Society. The term vegan was formed by combining the first and last few alphabets of the word vegetarian!

In the last few years veganism has been rising in popularity and today a lot of people who believe in leading an ethical and healthy life by not exploiting animals are proud to call themselves vegans.

Vegan foods include such easily available and low priced foods such as chickpeas, oranges, oats, broccoli, black beans, bananas, brown rice, spinach, lentils, sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, and cucumber. All these foods are appetizing, healthy, and not derived from any living or dead animal so you can consume them without any doubts. All these foods are plant-based and are nutritious, tasty, healthy, and very beneficial for your body.

All these foods meet all the requirements of what vegan food should be –

Ethical – None of them were obtained by killing or hurting any living creatures. True vegans are opposed to the unethical and cruel treatment of animals for obtaining anything that humans desire whether food or skin.

Healthy – All these vegan foods reduce the risk of you contracting diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart problems, cancer, and death at an early age. They also reduce the risk of you suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

You can also avoid the harmful side effects of the hormones and antibiotics that are being increasingly used in animal agriculture. Vegan foods also help you in weight control and deliberate weight loss.

Environment Friendly –Vegans choose these foods because of the heavy negative impact that animal agriculture has on the fragile environment. Research has proved that food derived from animals need more resources and cause greater greenhouse gas emissions than any plant-based vegan food.

They also use up much more water than vegan food. Animal agriculture is rapidly destroying the forests and meadows and leading to the rapid extinction of rare and common animal species.

Be the Change!

In today’s brave new world the focus is on consuming foods that reflect your values and beliefs. Vegan food is your affirmation of a healthy and meaningful mindset and lifestyle. Stick to your guns and the world will change!

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