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Are You Burning Enough Calories Everyday?

You have the right and the obligation to keep your body fit at all times. That means a planned diet, healthy food, and lots of exercises. Or else you will end up weighing more than you should and be categorized as obese. The obesity rate has skyrocketed all over the world and is among the biggest impediments to a safe and healthy life today.

It Takes Hard Work

You can keep your weight well under control provided you burn up enough calories every day. To do that you must burn up more calories every day than the number you take in. This way you create a calorie deficit in your body and keep your weight optimum. Some activities that help you in burning calories are biking, sex, pole dancing, sunbathing, and weight training. 30minutes of these activities will enable you to have that lean and fit body that everybody will notice and admire.

Biking – When you bike you use your muscles and they start utilizing the oxygen you breathe in to convert sugar, fats, and proteins into adenosine triphosphate [ATP]. ATP is the fundamental molecule that supplies energy to the cells in your body. The more intense and focused your biking is the more calories you burn.

Sex – The intimacy you share with your partner affects your weight. Healthy sex burns more calories in men than in women and it is tough to think of a more pleasurable way to burn those calories regularly. So hopping in your sack regularly with your partner is great for your continued health.

Pole Dancing – Though most people associate pole dancing with women this form of exercise dates back more than 800 years ago to India where men indulged in the traditional sport “Mallakhamb.” It was performed on a wooden pole. Pole dancing is an excellent way for women to burn calories as it gives several benefits like weight loss, greater flexibility, stronger muscles, stress relief, and improved mental health.

Sun Bathing – The less vitamin D you have the more is your weight. So the solution is to increase vitamin D in your body and the best and enjoyable way is to simply bask in the sunlight. That’s right. If you put in 30 minutes of skin exposure to sunlight every morning it will go a long way in keeping your weight under control.

Weight Training – Lifting weights is a great way to burn those excess calories in your body. You don’t have to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger to work out at the gym. Lifting modest weights for 30 minutes will do wonders for your body even as the weighing machine gives you the good news. Take the help of your gym trainer.

Let Them Burn!

Just do these activities and see how much better you feel. You will feel energetic, happy, and confident knowing that you are burning enough calories to keep your body healthy just the way you want it. Get started today!

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