The Best Spring Weight Loss Snacks
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The Best Spring Weight Loss Snacks

Spring is almost here and this is an ideal season for dieters. Many people choose to start their diets in the spring. When you diet, it is best to have some great weight loss snacks to keep you from getting hungry. Some dieters think they’ll just give up snacking – not so! The smartest way to stick to your diet is to keep snacking but to make your snacks healthy. Try some of our favorite spring weight loss snacks to stay healthy and losing weight.

Pineapple and cottage cheese:

This is a very popular weight loss snack for spring. It is a little sweet and a great way to get a serving of calcium. You can often find pre made servings of this at your local grocery store with the pineapple already in the calcium. This is a terrific way to get both a fruit serving and a calcium serving – all from one little snack!

Fresh fruit:

There are so many types of fruit available in the spring time. Try some of your local regional favorites, as those will likely be the most plentiful and the least expensive. But some popular favorites include peaches, plums and nectarines. These sweet fruits are high in natural sugar, natural fiber and low in calories. Each fruit has less than 100 calories. You could say that fruit is the original “100 calorie snack!”


This is one of the most classic warm weather snacks. Try adding some chopped fruit or even chopped nuts and a spoonful of honey to sweeten your yogurt. This will also make your calcium-rich yogurt not just a great source of dairy, but a hearty snack that will keep you full for much longer. Adding a piece of fruit chopped up will mean you get a serving of fruit (or even two servings, depending on the size of the piece of fruit). There are so many flavors of yogurt, this is the perfect choice for so many dieters.

Hummus and raw veggies:

Now this is one of our favorite Spring weight loss snacks! Hummus is made from chickpeas and filled with low fat and low calorie protein. This is a very filling snack when you add the raw veggies that you dip the hummus in. Try baby carrots, cut up celery, radishes or grape tomatoes. Broccoli is another favorite that many enjoy with hummus. Hummus can be seasoned in many ways to please your palate.


Some people may shake their heads and say, “But that can be so fattening!” Not when you make a smoothie properly. Making smoothies at home means you have full control of the ingredients. You’ll want to make your smoothie using low fat or no fat yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and ice cubes. Adding other elements often means adding calories you simply don’t need. Be sure to keep the portion size reasonable (one cup of yogurt, one cup of fruit, etc.) in order to keep the calorie count of your smoothie appropriate.

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