Back at Home. Gym Time.
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Next Step: Weight Training and Muscle Building

Today was day 1 of my weight training program.  I started training at the same gym I go to during lunch hours. They gave me a personal trainer who understood my requirements. He went over my history, took my measurements and weight. We set goals for the next six months and got started. The plan is to do 20-30 minutes of cardio each day, followed by an hour of weight training and abs.

Given it was the first day, Steve, my trainer, took me around the gym and introduced me to various different fitness machines which he was planning to have me use over the course of next few months. He made me do some light exercises, followed by a lot of stretching. He also recommended that I increase my protein intake and also buy myself some protein powder. I went and got Whey Isolate 25 calories per scoop Strawberry Banana Flavour. I already love this powder when mixed with water or almond milk.  I am to have a protein shake after our workout every day.

Keep following my blog as I post my daily workout pictures, videos, and experiences.



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