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Pleasant Surprises

Saturday is a day, full of errands. I wake up early as usual.  Once we finish breakfast, my son accompanies me on my errands. We first get a car wash, which my son loves. Then we go across the plaza and drop off and pick up my laundry. Next stop is usually the grocery store. We normally go to the same neighborhood grocery store. We know all the aisles, so the entire grocery shopping becomes faster and easier. This grocery store also carries a lot of the grocery that I use these days for my healthy food cooking, so works out well.

My son also knows some of the aisles, so whether its to pick up his Oreo Cookies or Cheese Strings, he knows where they are kept.

As usual, yesterday being a Saturday, we both stepped out. We made it to the grocery store. I opened my grocery list app and started shopping and putting things in the cart.  My son picked up some of his things and started walking towards the check out line. The store was rather busy, so we were in the line for about 10 minutes. We came close to the checkout, and my son saw Kinder Eggs. He picked one up and that’s when our turn to check out came. We kept all our groceries on the checkout belt. That’s when it happened. The check out cashier was a familiar face. We had never talked to each other but always shared our HI’s and byes. I had not seen her for a while, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her as well.

She looked at me and said- ‘Boy, have you lost weight? You look great.’  I said thank you. Then I told her that I had not seen her in the store for a few months. She told me that she was away on maternity leave and had joined back just a few days ago. I then told her that I started my weight loss process about a year ago, right about when she left and now that she is back, she gets to see my transformation. I did not expect for a bit, that my local grocery store cashier, whose name I did not even know, will see the weight loss and mention it to me. She asked me for weight loss advice. She wanted to lose all the baby fat she gained over her maternity period. I gave her some tips and told her we will keep chatting every week and check on each other’s progress.

We finished our checkout and started walking back to the car. My son asked me if the cashier knew us. I told him no, she does not know us but now she does. I had a smile on my face, that a stranger, recognized my weight loss. What a great feeling it was. I am looking forward to meeting her again next Saturday.

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