Let’s Talk Belts.

A belt is a flexible band or strap, typically made of leather or cloth and worn around the waist. Simple.  You can adjust a belt depending on your waist size. I own a few different belts which I like to mix and match with the type of clothes I am wearing. Some are dress belts, some are casual belts and then some which go well with all types of attire.

This morning I had an interesting situation with my belt. I usually wake up at 4 a.m. every morning and get ready for work. This morning, while getting ready, I picked out a belt I usually wear on Fridays (Our office has a casual dress policy on Fridays). I put the belt through the loops of my trouser and I could no longer tie the belt. There were no holes left for me to buckle my belt in. I tried a few different things, but it did not work. I could have cut one end but it would not have looked very good. This was one of my favourite belts that I bought while visit New York City a few years ago, and now this belt no longer worked for me. Why? Because I had lost weight. My waist size is down from 42 inches, a few years ago to 32 inches today. The belt I had was 38 inches. It could only go so far.

Now, because this belt could not be used, I had to change what I was planning to wear today. I walked back in to my closet and picked out a new pair of clothes that would go well with a different belt. So, I decided to give this different belt a try. To my disbelief, I had the same situation with this belt as well.  That’s when I realized, that all my belts were size 38, and I am bound to have this problem with all of them. A good problem to have but I was getting late for the office.

I walked back in the closet and picked a pant which did not need a belt. I decided, I will order a new belt from Amazon later in the day, which I should receive over the weekend and I should be good for Monday. My belt situation took up a good 30 minutes of my dress up time this morning.

I came to the office by 5:30 a.m. and the first thing I did was order the belt. I ordered 2 different ones; dress and casual.  Amazon suggested I may also need a leather hole puncher, just in case I needed to make additional holes in my belt. I bought that as well. With this, I should be all set as far as belts are concerned.

Losing weight is an awesome feeling. It makes you feel great. With my weight loss, I have had to buy new clothes and now new belts. I have heard your shoe size changes as well, but I keep that story for another time.

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